Thursday, April 30, 2009

i wasn't ignoring you!!


this thing was merely on pause.
i guess i shouldve emailed, or
posted that i was going to pull the shades down
here..but i got lazy
and i was tired of looking at that pic of the tulips.
now grab a glass of wine
(if you're reading this tonight)
or a cup of coffee
(if you found this update on fri morn)
and let's play catch-up.
work has been good, i am glad for that
and while the "bff" and i broke-up

it's probably for the better.
i can't be the everything to everybody anymore.
last weekend we went to san angelo for a wedding
(BIL got hitched, and J was the best man)
i caught up with my oldest friend
it was so nice to see her!!
(she was on the back of a motorcycle
driving down twohig when her hubby saw me
out of the corner of his eye...i'm glad they stopped!!)

the reception was fun

i had plenty to keep me occupied

and the girl one looked LOVELY in her sunday best
which still doesn't include a dress

i'm sure a few people were wondering why the heck not
but i'm just not one to force someone into clothing that
makes them uncomfortable.
no matter how sure i am that they would look AMAZING!!

the boy one enjoyed the visit with his gramps

ok, they call him paw paw
and is actually thinking of going to ASU
so he can move to the slower-paced town.
i am not sure if J realises this-
but i may have to move to the 325 if the boy one does!!

i love san angelo
i actually tried to get J to get a job there
when we made our move back to the U.S.
but, slower-paced means
not a lot of job prospects- BOO

maybe in a few years?

okay, now, i *am* going to keep
the blog
but i am ALSO going private.
email me (if you have my email addy)
or leave a comment if you want the password.
T minus the weekend and counting until i make the change.

love to all who deserve it
and maybe a few who don't!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

these bloomed.

and i am loving my night table momentos.

that is all.