Monday, July 20, 2009


the weather has been a tease lately.
so has my sanity.
there are so many thoughts rolling around
my noggin...

i actually cleared the clutter off my desk the other day
in hopes of actually putting
thoughts and pictures
and glue and stickers
on a page again.

my day off is friday.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

greetings from san antonio

where the heat is so intense
it's making me reconsider my position
on swimming...

and where even though i am
really craving bucca de peppo
i am up the creek, bc
the nearest one is in austin!!

oh well.
i don't need the calories anyhow!

Friday, July 10, 2009

second day off

will include hanging curtains and shelves and pictures.
in the home of this cute mama

yes, that pic is from easter.
and yes, there is a cascarone on her noggin
and these two rascals..

we will have to go to sams club...

then a quick stop by work
to say good-bye to the bossman
who is moving to vegas...

and then laundry.

full day-
how the heck does that constitute
a day OFF?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

pics for dani.

i promised i'd share
pics of the new bag:

the girl one's new 'do:

and the new dresses-
even though my preggo sister ness
is modeling this one for ya:

so there.

full swing summer schedule.

life has been crazy.
and also chill.

i wake up.
leave for work
stop by the bucks, first things first.

then work.
then home.
cider if i can...
maybe some netflix...

days off?
still includes coffee

so mundane
and i guess that's the way i like it
the kids are enjoying the summer.
sleep sleep and sleep.
they are teenagers after all.
the girl one has green hair.
i love it.
she dyed it all dark brown, then left her bangs
light so she could dye them green.
i am loving it.
wish i could do something like that.
i once had pink bangs.
waaaay back when i was an officers wife.
loved it.

okay, well, i am off to get ready for my day
a good friend of mine moved back to TX
from germany... i am looking forward to lunch
with her and her baby!!

be well, friends.