Friday, May 30, 2008

making lists.

i think i'm figuring it out...

feeling a little less overwhelmed...
i'd say it was the tattoo,
but i really think it's that
i am making more lists
and learning to let it be.

and i've been
"dancing it out".
love me some grey's anatomy!!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

peace be with me.

okay, so, i need a whole post
to answer all of those comments
from last post!!

365- i need peace. i want peace.
now i have a reminder. :)

christal. katrina, kimmyk-
this is my fourth tattoo.
i am seriously addicted.

the hubby did not know
i was going to do it on tues.
he *did* know i was planning on
he knew the placement
and the message.
(i thought it would be a word)

the kids like it.
the boy one actually got mad
that i went and didn't tell him!!
he can't wait to get his first one
(neither can i)
in texas you must be 18. bah.

it stung, of course,
but did not hurt.
it was creepy to feel my veins being
moved or written on, or whatever.
but i sat there and watched, i was

LOVE that story.
i see a LO about it in your future...

jen- i'd be loving my lunch breaks!!
don't forget to share your escapades...

colleen, kate- THANKS..i am loving it too.
so glad i did it.

vee- ahem. oh yes, thay are.

danielle- if only i'd known you were open to one...

kimmyk- an adiction indeed.

joce- yeah, i am a study in contradictions. :)

in other news:

yest i got to meet up with
this beautiful, talented photographer
and her equally gorgeous cousin
it was so much fun!!

we shared a lil bit of everything.
oh, the yumminess of it all.

(chriselda, i guess i didn't get a pic of the crepes?!)

the charm of la madeline never gets old.

i think that's everything...
i must now go get ready
for work!!

and peace be with YOU!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

left; i get gas, right; i get a tattoo.

i was at the intersection
and that's what was going through
my head.

i turned right.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

it's sunday.
the man is putting together
the surround sound system.
the girl one is playing wii.
the boy one
and his friend are still asleep.
mass starts in an hour.
in the meanwhile

i am looking through blogs
digging out my scrappy supplies
if i'll ever get this house done
and drinking copious amounts of pike place.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

that's the way, uh huh uh huh i like it.

my cousin, the painter,
came over yest and did
his thing.


maybe now i'll be more inspired to
finish making this house a home.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

jesus christ is not a weapon.

laughed my booty off
when hurley's mom said that
on last week's LOST episode.
there's not a booty there anymore.

two things i want you to
take note of in this pic:

one: the walls are a yucky color.
(thank goodness we have a prof. painter in the family!)
two: the zone has some REALLY
yummy nutrition bars.

okay peeps, i'm out.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

land of the greens and fat free ranch.

so today is my day off.
and i am craving salad
like no one's business.

this could be because
since i started work i have
probably eaten my weight in
twizzlers and pretzels and

tomorrow is the girl one's
last day of finals.
friday is her field day
and last day of school.

can the summer really be here already?!
where the heck have *i* been?

i don't know, but i'll tell you where
i'll be for lunch today:

Monday, May 19, 2008

weekend wrap up.

[insert intriguing blog post here]

(or read on if you're in the mood for a boring post)

saturday i worked.
got home at 10.
drank strawberry wine with my
soon-to-be sister in law.
until 2 in the morning.
that was nice.

i painted the girl one's room yest.

found a pic my crabigayil took
on my camera... love finding
photos i didn't take on my camera.

and that's about it.

no wonder i am so un-inspired lately.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the battle of the boxes.

that's what's going on here.

i would say
"and not much else"
but that isn't true.
because we have been
cleaning both homes,
ready-ing the other house
for the new tennants,
and getting this one
as close to my standards
as is humanly possible right now.

i also started my full time job.
(going good!!)
and i am still doing the carpool
in the early mornings.
up at 6am
to bed by midnight most nights
so far.

**chriselda: we moved from rental to rental.* :)

i am stealing wi-fi
so i better wrap this up before
they figure it out!!

if you use the 'net in any form
(flickr, blogger, myspace)
and post pics of yourself or of your family
and you DON'T want anyone to use them
without your permission,
please go

to let your politicians know
your view on the matter.

big loves!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

leave it all behind.

update on the casa.

they're replacing the carpet
in the girl's room next week
(that was the worst of it).
and *this summer* the owner
is installing hardwood floors on
the bottom floor!!

can i get a hell yeah?!

we've got our work cut out for
us in the "yard"
but i like to play in the dirt, so
i don't mind that as much.
talk to me in a few weeks
and we'll see if it's still okay.

the highest of the highs.


that is the only word that
comes to mind right now.

it seems we have a solution.
the owner looks like he wants
to replace the carpet!!
you have NO idea how happy
this makes me.

the maintenance gal called me
last night (i had given up hope
since 5 o'clock came and went).
she said she was cautiously optimistic.

i, however, choose to be COMPLETELY
and once again i am thankful
to my God.

:) the movers will be here
in a bit, so i better get moving.

thanks for all the support gals!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

and then there were shoes.

and they had polka dots.

and she felt pretty in them.
and life was good.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

what we have here is a failure to communicate.

still nothing from the damn rental agency.
i will never sign with them again. (duh)
i will never reccomend them either. (double duh)

i have decided to pull out the carpet
in the girl's room myself and if they
keep my damn deposit
then that's what they have to do.

stopped by my local antiques mall today.
that always cheers me up.

brought home this beauty:

perhaps i should take a trip.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

*like punching under water.

i am trying real hard to be positive.
but sometimes i kinda hate being a girl.
i hate how men automatically think they
can intimidate me.
i hate that they actually can.

the hubby is in houston
this week for training.
and i am here trying to make
things right with this house.

the rental agency owner really
acted like a bully yesterday
and i am not looking forward to
calling him today for an update.

i have researched online for applicable laws.
but i can only find a phrase that says they
must provide "sanitary" conditions.
other than that they don't seem to have to do anything.
and we are in a time crunch here.
and i find myself battling the giant.


*another john mayer lyric.

Monday, May 5, 2008

multiple personalities.

so this was the page i did
the day before we were to move in
to the other house.
i was feeling all jiggy with it

the weekend is over
i am due at work in an hour
and i have yet to know what
is up with the other house.

that's all i got.

(yest responses done
in yest coments box.)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

gonna tell everyone to lighten up.

new cut.

my girl was having an off day i guess.
she went goth girl short on my bangs
so i will be pinning them back until
they grow.

but over all i'm digging it!!

house update:
the carpet needs to be replaced.
they tried steam cleaning
and then
steam cleaning + enzyme bombs
and it still smells.
it's better
but not up to my standards.
it makes me wonder how someone can be
okay with living in that stench??

hubby leaves today for houston
hopefully they get it done this week
so we can move in next weekend.
we have to be out of here by the 14th.
and we have already lost a LOT of time...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

happiness is.

a fruit cup in the middle
of a hot texas day.

having the time to eat out with

when you pull up behind your (unsuspecting)
teenager at a light and see that he is driving safely
all on his own.

enjoy your saturday, peeps.
i am off to pick up paint for the laundry room
and the girl's room.

color me happy.

Friday, May 2, 2008

i'm not anti-pets, but...

today i wore a reminder.

the house we were moving into has issues!!
like there is no way i am going to put my stuff
in a house that smells like that!!
apparently she had gerbils
and apparently gerbils
ruin carpet.

let the negotiating begin.