Thursday, May 29, 2008

peace be with me.

okay, so, i need a whole post
to answer all of those comments
from last post!!

365- i need peace. i want peace.
now i have a reminder. :)

christal. katrina, kimmyk-
this is my fourth tattoo.
i am seriously addicted.

the hubby did not know
i was going to do it on tues.
he *did* know i was planning on
he knew the placement
and the message.
(i thought it would be a word)

the kids like it.
the boy one actually got mad
that i went and didn't tell him!!
he can't wait to get his first one
(neither can i)
in texas you must be 18. bah.

it stung, of course,
but did not hurt.
it was creepy to feel my veins being
moved or written on, or whatever.
but i sat there and watched, i was

LOVE that story.
i see a LO about it in your future...

jen- i'd be loving my lunch breaks!!
don't forget to share your escapades...

colleen, kate- THANKS..i am loving it too.
so glad i did it.

vee- ahem. oh yes, thay are.

danielle- if only i'd known you were open to one...

kimmyk- an adiction indeed.

joce- yeah, i am a study in contradictions. :)

in other news:

yest i got to meet up with
this beautiful, talented photographer
and her equally gorgeous cousin
it was so much fun!!

we shared a lil bit of everything.
oh, the yumminess of it all.

(chriselda, i guess i didn't get a pic of the crepes?!)

the charm of la madeline never gets old.

i think that's everything...
i must now go get ready
for work!!

and peace be with YOU!!


staceyfike said...

and also with you ;)

Anonymous said...

is the cell phone glued to your hand?
every pic has the cell phone in it? wtf?

wonder woman
p.s. i may make her my new mascot!!
i may have outgrown little marie.

Anonymous said...

oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh i just noticed the purse in the background..!! :0)

i love it too!

kimmyk said...

dude i have sprint.
we should chat it up. it's free!

4? really? where? what are they? totally intrigued by that.

what was the word your hubby thought you'd get?

peace is something i would love to have in my life. funny how we are a lot alike glo-girl. peace in my life would really be nice. but does that come when you have teenagers? yeah didn't think so.

Mel~B said...

Wow!!! I wish I was as brave as you. I hate the thought of needles in my arm hundreds of times. But that's just me - I'm not good with pain!

It's a nice reminder though!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

chriselda and her damn crepes! she needs to open a crepe shop, i tell ya! she's a freakin doll!

i seriously didn't know about these tattoos. i thought this was your first. what are the other ones? tattoos intrigue me. i want one, but i don't, but i do, then i don't. lol