Sunday, May 4, 2008

gonna tell everyone to lighten up.

new cut.

my girl was having an off day i guess.
she went goth girl short on my bangs
so i will be pinning them back until
they grow.

but over all i'm digging it!!

house update:
the carpet needs to be replaced.
they tried steam cleaning
and then
steam cleaning + enzyme bombs
and it still smells.
it's better
but not up to my standards.
it makes me wonder how someone can be
okay with living in that stench??

hubby leaves today for houston
hopefully they get it done this week
so we can move in next weekend.
we have to be out of here by the 14th.
and we have already lost a LOT of time...


kimmyk said...

love the new 'do!!!
it's very very cute!

it's sassy even. sassy and cute..what more could anyone ask for?

good deal about the carpet...
10 days to move? you packed?

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

love the new cut schweethawt!

Chriselda said...

whoa wait.
you're moving to houston?!

Mel~B said...

I'm liking the new haircut! You cut yours and I've just come to terms with me GROWING mine!

I'm growing it for the first time in 15 years! Not sure if I will last - knowing me I'll cut it all off after a couple of months of growing it!

Moving house .... brings back memories. I've been through the same thing you're going through. I'm sure you'll make it a home once you've got your stuff in it.

We managed to with our new place.

Anonymous said...

just go all the way already!!

i'm just sayin's all...

but it's cute...what matters is that you are happy with it! :0)

glo.riah said...

365- thinking about going in to get the rest choped like we discussed. i am giving it today and tomorrow...
mel- i am ready to just be done already!! re: the hair...i figured all i ever do when i have it long is put it in ponytail anyways!!
chriselda- no!! :) he's going for week out of town. we are just moving house. :)
joce- thanks doll!! i'm ready for the summer now!!
kimmyk- sassy...well...i don't need a hair cut to be sassy!! lol we are sem packed. that's what is so stressful. half is in boxes and half is waiting on a DATE!! grrr...

Kate Michele said...

love the cut!!!

Moving is so stressful. Here have some coffee and a brownie...


SpAzzGiRL said...

lovin the pixie hairdo!

BR@NDY said...

Love the new saucy do!

Colleen said...

love this

good luck on the move and feliz cinco de mayo!!

EatCrayons said...

*thumbs up for the cut* Uber cute..esp. on YOU! =)

Vee said...

love the new do! :)