Thursday, June 30, 2011

the summery-ness of it all.

is there anything better than a glass of peach flavored sun tea in june?

if there is, i haven't found it yet.
i have enjoyed this ritual of having a glass of iced tea each day as i sit down to begin my homework.
lately i have begun some new rituals; some a little healthier than others : )
here are a few that come to mind:

summer means waking up a little earlier to enjoy my coffee in front of the news.
& a bonus: because it is summer, the sun falls into my living room windows and bathes me in a golden light just
before i head back upstairs to ready myself for another day of classes (bio and speech communication), errands, and shuttles to and from drivers ed (for the girl) (le gasp!).

summer is... longer days that mean i can get just a little bit more done after dinner.
most nights i am heading out the door into the late evening texas sun
once again a happy orange
to pound the pavement in hopes of working off that extra scoop of breyer's rocky road.

summer is fresh fruits and green vegetables that taste like they were picked moments before.
i am enjoying more greens and less meat.
the family, however is not. they are die-hard carnivores.

summer is the scent of fresh mowed lawns and the sound of the neighborhood kids having a water gun fight.
i find myself outside more, watering the grass (by hand- we are in water restrictions) and weeding the garden.

these are the days- and i am enjoying them while i can.
how has summer changed your daily rituals?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a year almost.

so many changes in just one year.
most of you reading have my random facebook updates,
so i will spare you the long version of a catch up.
and spare myself the typing it would take.

right now i am digging summer.
later starts to my day (if 630 is late)
and longer hours to get things accomplished.

girl turned 15.
and is now in driver's ed.

be still my heart.

the boy is coming home to finish out his schooling.
he had enough of ASU, i suppose.
probably he just missed my hovering. :: not ::

i am happy.

the moms moved one street over from us.
its nice having about every second day off
from making dinner.
its like my very own drive thru for homemade meals.