Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hello new year's eve.

my goodness.
it's been an eventful 2008.
from getting used to a 40 hr
work week for me
to new schools for the kids and
a forever home for all of us.

the election went the way i'd hoped

a new car is added to the list of
things i adore...

and more time with family makes 2008

here's to hoping 2009
is hiding its share of happy surprises.

Friday, December 26, 2008

the holidays 2008.

our christmas was spent at
my mom's house this year.

what a mis-matched bunch we are.
you can tell by my expression here

that i was shocked to hear
i am going to be an auntie.
thanks to this gal.

she says if its a girl i get to keep her
because she wants another boy.
apparently they have named it
i kid.
i kid.
all joking aside-
i am happy for her.
babies are always good news in my book.

now on to
christmas pics of the kids.
she got what she wanted

and something i wanted her to have-

she is in love
with domo.
all things japan, really.
we all miss it, in our own way.
i think i was too much of a spoiled american
the last oh, six months we were there.
i was over it and wanted to leave.
now i am in a better place
and i just want to go back.
but i digress...
i loved this pressie
for him
the bestest.

i read that book to him
every. night.
when he was a kid.
and he had it memorized.
and we loved it.
so when i saw that tee
at urban outfitters last week
i had to buy it.
had to.

hope your holiday was filled with
the stuff that makes a holiday memorable.

obviously mine was!!
oh, & a quick p.s.
here's a shot
of the photo project
in the new casa:
only one wall is done
in the living area.
looks a lot better in person.
love the mis-match of non pic items
and family pics.

i'm stuck on what to do above the t.v.
it's the part i am always stuck on.
in every house.
and we've moved a lot.
so that's a lot of stuck.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the cards are next...

what you just heard was
a sigh of relief.

the tree is up.

one more week
until i have my own internet.
i am DYING without my daily dose.
no, really, i am.

at least we've gotten some good memories
out of this internet/cable tv drought.
the family has watched no less than 5 christmas movies
BOTH kids and both james and i
sometimes my sister and her girlfriend too.
that makes me happy.
family christmas memories...