Saturday, August 30, 2008

the sentiment.

not long ago
i purchased these really cool
random letter magnets at
the container store.

this is a typical message from me:

and this is what i get in return:

i guess it's all in how
you interpret the love.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


so i was telling everyone at work
how i used to take pictures on the sly
all over the place...

(click to enlarge)
in the grocery store:

(no, i never *did* eat a kanga steak!!)
(hubby did.)
in the fruit barn:

(note how corriander is spelled.)
(yes, they *spell* with an accent!!)
(i miss that.)

tomorrow is my day off.
i am ready for one. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

food. again.

i know i haven't shared a lot of interesting
pics on the blog lately...
and this post won't be any better.
because i'm hungry and it's late
and i am going through OLD pics
looking for one of the girl in front
of her fave sushi bar.
(can't find it)
i'm giving up and posting pics of
what i'd love to have in front of me right now...

mmmm mcdonald's fries....

did the u.s. get the son of mac?
australia had them for a bit while we were there.
it's basically a one layer big mac.
oh yum.

and my favorite cookie!!
next to the tim tam.
and the mint slice.

i just realized *how*
much i love australian cookies.

and now i must sleep.
for tomorrow i work.

(p.s. today was a great day!!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


lunch routine was quick this morning.
today she gets a warm lunch:

there's ravioli in the thermos

and fruit:

kiwi and strawberries.

and dessert was hello panda.
a juicebox rounds out the meal
and we're done for today!!

yesterday wasn't as great as we had hoped for.
the mouths on the kids in that middle school.. !!
that's all i'm gonna say about that.
today WILL be a better day.

i will not accept anything less.

speaking of today-
i better get out there
and begin!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

first day.

the girls heading into school...

bff called to tell me to look closer
at that pic.
our shadows are over our girls.
how apropos.

i know i was to take pics of the girl one's lunch would figure that i mess it up
meh, what can ya do but start over tomorrow?
(i made the same thing for both kids
cream cheese on a tortilla wrapped around
ham and swiss. a juice box. hello panda & cheez-its)

the boy one came out blurry in his first day pic...

which is a shame because he looked
so handsome!!
in other news,
this is what i'm doing today:

abi needs family pics
to fill her bulletin board.
and i am more than happy
to fill her mailbox up with warm memories of
people who love her.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

starbucks stop.

make it better
make it better
make it better...

like only you can.

::heavy sigh::

the day has arrived.
i'm taking my baby sister
to waco.

it's gonna be rough.
don't get me wrong...
i am so freaking excited for her
it's almost embarrassing.
the thought of her room
at my mom's house.
baby baylor.

enough about that.
i don't want my family to think
they should keep all sharp objects
away from me.

i finished it.
while it wasn't as good to me as
the first three (bella just
i enjoyed it for what it was.
no spoilers.
i have a co-worker who is dying to
borrow my copy
which is a good thing, because i am DYING to talk to SOMEone
about the TWISTS!!

i'll take the mac baby to see if i can
post from waco.
we"ll see if i can even form a coherent

wish me luck ladies.
we leave in an hour.

Monday, August 18, 2008

just about halfway.

where the heck have i been?

it all started last weekend.

my baby brother got married.


feck. i feel old.

then sunday i attended a bbq with the hubbs.
his co-workers are pretty damn cool.
which made that easy.
no pics from that yet. (i didn't take my camera)
so you get a pic of us at the wedding.

i've been doing a lot of this:

halfway through with this.

lots of twists i did not see coming.

and i'm now enjoying this:

now you're all caught up.

and my guilt over the neglected blogaroo has vanished.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a man like no other.

love this place.

and i love that tuesdays
from 3-8 it's FREE to get in.

bff and i took the wee ones
to see the leonardo exhibit.
i was inspired mostly by the way
he connected with nature.
it was his inspiration for most everything
he invented.

i love that the kids were experimenting with
all of the contraptions,
thinking and learning and not even realizing it!!

(and i was happy to see that even a
genius makes that
would allow you to walk on water?!)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

world travels.

see, the problem with
seeing the world and living in other
is you get used to the food
in those places, and when you return
you actually start to jones
for food that isn't so accessible anymore.
enter world market:

jammy dodgers from england
tim tams and mint slice from aus.
and meiji pandas from japan.
(not pictured is curry from japan)
i love you
world market.
you make me feel at home.


Friday, August 8, 2008

like any other day.

woke up early.
snuck in a lil bit of art.

(do click on the pic to enlarge)
must get ready for work
but before i go:
she loved it.
i mostly wanted to make sure it
would fill her up. it did.
the comments:
thanks lind-z
vee and katrina.
this is the part of the title
"momma" i like!!
the questions:
kimmyk: they tell me the kids carry their lunches
in their backpacks until lunch, so i guess it will
just be that container. we did buy her a bag, though
just in case.
colleen: thanks!!...i'll have to check out my target.
sounds like something i was looking for!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

dry run.

you guys are the bestest.
i knew i'd find
not only support
but ideas if i merely asked.
power to the mommas.
(and not-yet-mommas, too!)

so i knew the starting place would be
the containers:

i had a lot on hand,
but found some new ones.
bff picked up the stackable ones...

i figured today would be
as good a day as any to test them out.
day 1:

she has tuna, crackers, grapes, fruit juice and babybel.
(kate, babybel is cheese. yummy cheese!)
here's how it all fit in the container:

so we'll see how it goes, i work at 2
so i'll get to see her dive in
and hear her feedback.

fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

all about the granola.

it's almost time for the kids
to go back to school.
i've been thinking about school lunches.
i found some good ideas on flickr
a few weeks ago,
however, now i can't find the ones
i liked the most!!

mostly i just want my girl to have a healthy lunch.
none of this
"ketchup counts as a veg" crap.

any ideas?
here's what i have so far:
i always send her with bottled water or 100% fruit juice.

what we call the pyramid platter:
a wedge of babybel, grapes, a hawaiian roll, and some turkey.
then there are variations on:
tuna on crackers, apples, juice and a granola bar.
peanut butter on a bagel, bananas, animal crackers.
chicken salad on melba toast, strawberries, gogurt, babybel.

the thing is, she likes small portions of a variety of things.
i'm thinking i will be taking daily pics of her lunches
just to post and share with other mommas in the same situation.
anyone interested in doing the same?

Monday, August 4, 2008

i'm a gummi bear...GUMMI BEAR!!

sally's meeting some of the locals.

and i finally got my hands on the third one.
i spent 89 cents more than i wanted to, but i'm not worried about that right now...

not much else going on.

kimmyk: that book is how i express myself.
some days it's all about the lyrics
to a song that says it all for me.
other days it's just how i pretend
to be an artist.
love to play when given the chance!!

(sorry about yest kiddos..
we didn't get the parkers' pic
b/c of an unspoken rule
here in san antonio spurs-land:
'let them eat in peace'
which goes against every fiber
of my picture obsessed self!!)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

today was a good day.

created this:

then ate this:

while i watched this:

sally doesn't eat sushi, apparently.
but she says "hi!!"

and guess who was at the table in front of us?

i love living in san antonio.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

wish i was a lil bit taller

wish i was a lil bit taller, originally uploaded by glo-riah.

sort of avoiding the blog.
but not for reasons you'd think.
three of the women whose blogs i read
are preggers.

this is my version of don't drink the water.

i'll blog tomorrow.
with pictures of my sushi lunch.


Friday, August 1, 2008

she's here.

sally's here.

will update soon.
today's my day off
and i have a list of 8 things to do.

good thing i have slaves kids
to help.

::evil cackle::