Saturday, August 2, 2008

wish i was a lil bit taller

wish i was a lil bit taller, originally uploaded by glo-riah.

sort of avoiding the blog.
but not for reasons you'd think.
three of the women whose blogs i read
are preggers.

this is my version of don't drink the water.

i'll blog tomorrow.
with pictures of my sushi lunch.



Anonymous said...

I'll take a glass ;)

Missy said...

heee you are funny.
and you got two song titles into one post.

(am I one of those blogs??) heeeeeeee

lind-z said...

ohhh NOT ME!!! keep that water in the well and away from me!! (for awhile anyways)

kimmyk said...

i love me some babies, but shooot i do not want another one.

i'm at that point where my kids (like yours) are self sufficient and if i want to go away by myself i dont have to worry as much about them.

i dont like fish/sushi.
*crinkles nose*

island girl said...

hahahah..there is something in the blog water huh?!