Tuesday, August 26, 2008


lunch routine was quick this morning.
today she gets a warm lunch:

there's ravioli in the thermos

and fruit:

kiwi and strawberries.

and dessert was hello panda.
a juicebox rounds out the meal
and we're done for today!!

yesterday wasn't as great as we had hoped for.
the mouths on the kids in that middle school.. !!
that's all i'm gonna say about that.
today WILL be a better day.

i will not accept anything less.

speaking of today-
i better get out there
and begin!!


island girl said...

yummy lunch....but what's a hello panda?

kimmyk said...

yeah what's a hello panda?

those strawberries look yum!

yeah kids in middle school such the potty mouths i tell ya. i hear stuff that i dont even say...gotta love 'em though...

Anonymous said...

can you make my lunch... yum
all i ever got was a piece of fruit, a juice box and a vegemite sandwich.
Not even half ans enticing as your ones... :(

lind-z said...

yum. i work on thursday night, you can pack my dinner and bring it with you. thanks!!! :)