Tuesday, August 5, 2008

all about the granola.

it's almost time for the kids
to go back to school.
i've been thinking about school lunches.
i found some good ideas on flickr
a few weeks ago,
however, now i can't find the ones
i liked the most!!

mostly i just want my girl to have a healthy lunch.
none of this
"ketchup counts as a veg" crap.

any ideas?
here's what i have so far:
i always send her with bottled water or 100% fruit juice.

what we call the pyramid platter:
a wedge of babybel, grapes, a hawaiian roll, and some turkey.
then there are variations on:
tuna on crackers, apples, juice and a granola bar.
peanut butter on a bagel, bananas, animal crackers.
chicken salad on melba toast, strawberries, gogurt, babybel.

the thing is, she likes small portions of a variety of things.
i'm thinking i will be taking daily pics of her lunches
just to post and share with other mommas in the same situation.
anyone interested in doing the same?


Chriselda said...

yo yo!
you are such a cute mom!
i love you for it.
anyway, i wanted to share the whole "bento box" take on packin' lunches for kids. my friend has a daughter with severe food allergies and she does this for her since she has to pack her lunch everyday. it's fun for the kids - so they avoid that whole "brown bag" lunch complex and are actually excited about their lunches.

since you're already planning awesome food, i thought, hey! might as well send my girl the link to package it up all nice and groovy!

i miss you in the face gloria.
i'll be there in a month!

Chriselda said...

oh. bwahaha! i guess a link would be nice, no?!?!?!

Bento Boxes

staceyfike said...

i don't have kiddoes to pack lunches for but i just wanted to say damn that sounds good, i wish you could come fix me lunch every day!

and now i'm hungry.

kimmyk said...

my kids eat those salads to go. they're like a salad you make in a bowl. some are broccoli salad some are carrot salad. and usually a bagel and a half a peanut butter and jelly.

my abbie eats in small bites too. little things but a whole bunch of 'em. it's crazy. 2 slices of turkey and a pack of crackers.

this is a good idea. i'd love to see how you do this because i'm always telling them to make good choices. it would be helpful if i bought better foods myself. if abbie had her way she'd eat chicken pot pies 5 days a week and adam would eat pizza and gatorade 7 days a week.

Kate Michele said...

whats babybel?

EatCrayons said...

Keegan is definitely a small portion eater, so we do the Bento thing and she loves it! The variety I can fit in her lunch is, well FUN. I've enjoyed this blog a lot http://bentolunch.blogspot.com/