Thursday, August 7, 2008

dry run.

you guys are the bestest.
i knew i'd find
not only support
but ideas if i merely asked.
power to the mommas.
(and not-yet-mommas, too!)

so i knew the starting place would be
the containers:

i had a lot on hand,
but found some new ones.
bff picked up the stackable ones...

i figured today would be
as good a day as any to test them out.
day 1:

she has tuna, crackers, grapes, fruit juice and babybel.
(kate, babybel is cheese. yummy cheese!)
here's how it all fit in the container:

so we'll see how it goes, i work at 2
so i'll get to see her dive in
and hear her feedback.

fingers crossed!!


Katrina said...

will you please pack my lunch for me?

Vee said...

i know!!! awesome lunch :)

lind-z said...

you're such a good momma!

and YUM to that lunch :)

Colleen said...


there are some cool containers at target called lock lock that i use to make bento boxes. they are a square with 4 little square tuppies inside. nice for lunches like these

kimmyk said...

will that fit in a lunch box or will she just carry it that way?

great containers. i am such a container junkie. everything in it's place...all nice and neat and tidy.

if i come up with a good idea for lunches i'll be sure to share.

EatCrayons said...

Babybel....Light!? Ohhhh boy! Didn't know they existed, hope to find some.

Dig that big container, lots of room to get creative! :)

Chriselda said...

hola again!
i saw this today and thought of you.
not that cupcakes are going to be regular for girl one... but i thought they were fun!