Monday, August 4, 2008

i'm a gummi bear...GUMMI BEAR!!

sally's meeting some of the locals.

and i finally got my hands on the third one.
i spent 89 cents more than i wanted to, but i'm not worried about that right now...

not much else going on.

kimmyk: that book is how i express myself.
some days it's all about the lyrics
to a song that says it all for me.
other days it's just how i pretend
to be an artist.
love to play when given the chance!!

(sorry about yest kiddos..
we didn't get the parkers' pic
b/c of an unspoken rule
here in san antonio spurs-land:
'let them eat in peace'
which goes against every fiber
of my picture obsessed self!!)


Alison said...

So I was walking by Borders in the Time Warner Center the other day (New York is so corporate sponsored these days. It's just sad. Anyway) and this woman was outside signing books. Turns out to be the one who wrote Twilight. We had no clue. We just went and had mediocre risotto at stupid Landmarc. She seemed so...normal? Anyway. That's my story. How are you?

Colleen said...

the book is awesome

lind-z said...

you shoulda taken a pic all incognito-like. they never had to know!!

Anonymous said...

that Kokeshi is eyeing La Sally,
is Sally asking for directions to

kimmyk said...

yeah sally's makin' friends!!!!

enjoy your book. i'm afraid to be sucked into that one.

kimmyk said...

i think this post might speak to you louder than it did to me.

when she sent the reply-i immediately thought of you.

Talisman said...

You're reading Eclipse? Enjoy it. And stop there. Seriously. Stop there. Let the book series end with Eclipse. Make up your own happy ending to the rest of the story. Breaking Dawn was HORRIBLE beyond words.

Vee said...

i LOVE eclipse, it was is my favorite out of all of them!