Wednesday, August 27, 2008

food. again.

i know i haven't shared a lot of interesting
pics on the blog lately...
and this post won't be any better.
because i'm hungry and it's late
and i am going through OLD pics
looking for one of the girl in front
of her fave sushi bar.
(can't find it)
i'm giving up and posting pics of
what i'd love to have in front of me right now...

mmmm mcdonald's fries....

did the u.s. get the son of mac?
australia had them for a bit while we were there.
it's basically a one layer big mac.
oh yum.

and my favorite cookie!!
next to the tim tam.
and the mint slice.

i just realized *how*
much i love australian cookies.

and now i must sleep.
for tomorrow i work.

(p.s. today was a great day!!)


The Frantic Father said...

No Son of Mac.
No Farmland Cookies.
McDonald's Fries. Mmmmmmm.

And am I the only one who thought it was cute to see the Australia's Favourite Fries on the side of the package?

Anonymous said...

OMGosh, i've always made the son of mac! love it that way.
Why cant' there be Big Mac trees? I don't miss it but wouldn't turn one down...if u KWIM??!!

Kara said...

Am I weird? I don't like Big Mac's and I've never heard of the son of mac... i don't like the "special sauce." it's yucky. Not my favourite.

:) Texas Homestyle Burger for me, thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Can I get a small cheeseburger meal and and XL... repeat XL Diet Coke... yep Diet Coke... XL... thanks"

ahh the good old days...