Monday, August 25, 2008

first day.

the girls heading into school...

bff called to tell me to look closer
at that pic.
our shadows are over our girls.
how apropos.

i know i was to take pics of the girl one's lunch would figure that i mess it up
meh, what can ya do but start over tomorrow?
(i made the same thing for both kids
cream cheese on a tortilla wrapped around
ham and swiss. a juice box. hello panda & cheez-its)

the boy one came out blurry in his first day pic...

which is a shame because he looked
so handsome!!
in other news,
this is what i'm doing today:

abi needs family pics
to fill her bulletin board.
and i am more than happy
to fill her mailbox up with warm memories of
people who love her.


Anonymous said...

please include pics of us!

Anonymous said...

you're one sweet momma :)

glo.riah said...

365: of course!! i said family!!
dani: thanks...your hair is growing FAST!!

kimmyk said...

awwww...great way for abi to not miss home so much!

she needs one of those cushy pin pad things that has a ribbon on it. you know what i'm talkin about? for pics?