Thursday, January 31, 2008

i said i'd never do it.

that'll teach me.

i always said i'd never
put a pair of crocs on my feet.
when everyone was raving over these
hideous shoes (they are cute on kids, tho!)
i even emailed my bff to warn her
not to get caught up in the frenzy.

well, look at me now.

i am telling myself i am not
technically going back on my word
since these look nothing like those
first styles...

in other news
aren't these cute??

the boy one loves them.
he says it's for times
when you don't want to commit to a
full size banana.
typical male.

this is the staple to
tonight's dinner.

i made this last week,
and i'll tell ya...
the kids LOVED it.
so did i!!
i made mashed potatoes
and used the garlic to season them!!

ps. yest comments are in yest comment box. xoxo

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


oh, abi.

she pulls up next to me at a stop light.
and this is what i get.
the brat.

what do you want to see?

i'm stumped on the 365 pics and we're not even done with january yet!!
so tell me, what do you want to know about me/what do you want to see
a pic of?
i'll try to find it, or create it to photograph it.

yest comments are in the last post,
it was easier to answer them in the comments section.

have a good wednesday, peeps.

something GOOD is going to happen to me today!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


gosh i need a pedi.

and a maid.

some nando's wouldn't hurt.

accomplished so far.

my collection.

& now i'm out.
be gentle peeps.

Monday, January 28, 2008

it was a good day.

finished my book today.
it only took like a month!!
in all fairness, i lost it for a week or two...
but it was so good, i think i might have
been purposely reading slow to make it last!!

my fortune today read:
deep faith eliminates fear.

i got to watch two episodes of dexter.
so love.

okay that's it for today.
hubby leaves tomorrow for amarillo
and the spurs game is on.

365: yes.yes you do want to see atonement.
spazz: i have some weird eating habits, but not this one!!
vee: thanks girl. i always want to come across as honest as i can through my pics.
katie: i'd go with ya in a heartbeat. i'm hoping to see it this weekend.
oh colleen: yes. in baked, in crunchy and in puff forms. all yummy.
dani: that, and she loves all things wedding!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

i was such a girl today.

i wore a dress.
i still get points even though
it was over leggings, right??

i went shoe shopping,
that will detract points since
i didn't buy any...

went to see 27 dresses
last night.
the only part i dug
was the dancing on the bar
to benny & the jets.
i really want to see juno.

trying to work in a pic
for the 365...
how's this

that's abi's idea of a sandwich.
yes, you see turkey
and mustard
and hot cheetos.
IN her sammich.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

about today.

brother in law is in town.
that means there will be
non-stop video gaming and
beer drinking this weekend.
not by me, mind you,
i will be cooking.
i am making him home-cooked meals
since he lives off of jose-ole burritos.

in other news
e-dubb plays today.
cross your fingers for us
as 3 of our starters will be out.
dang it!!
one for grades,
one for injury
and one for family issues.

the boy one has a drive today.
it's his 5th hour, which means
the highway.

and now i must shower
i have "manga" hair
as hubby calls it.

happy saturday y'alls!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

gramma's dishes.

i got two things
of my grandmother's
when she passed away.
i love having these dishes,
since that's what i remember most about her.
she was always feeding somebody.

i also got her sewing box.
she was always asking me to thread her needles for her.
i miss you grandma!!

this morning's interview went well.
i think i handled the interviewer *exceptionally well*.
(really, who tells an interviewee that you have beaten a horse before?!)
and isn't a-busch synonymous with Clydesdales?
the job i interviewed for requires two interviews.
so i passed his screening process and should
hear from the other dude in 3-7 days.

65, kimmyk: it was the car wash. love watching water patterns.
eve (colleen?): thanks, i think it's the toesies that helped!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


ever feel like you can't focus?

i thought i got enough sleep
last night.
maybe not.
i overslept this morning.
did the school run in my pjs.
thanks for all the encouragement
yesterday, ladies.
i really needed it!!
i have an interview tomorrow
i'll let you know how it goes.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

many licks

many licks, originally uploaded by glo-riah.

i have a jar of these on my desk.
love the color and
love the candy
love the fact that eating one
makes me feel okay
about quitting my job.

i don't understand how human beings
can feel entitled to speak unkindly
to someone on the other end of a
phone line.

i was in tears last night
and my stomach was in knots this morning
over a few unkind words
that went straight to my heart.

be kind to one another, peeps.
you have no clue the damage
your words can do.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

miso harnee.

yeah, okay just making sure i wasn't
like the teenagers thought.

we were on our way to austin on sunday
when we stopped at valero to get some
snackies and drinks.
on the way to the checkout counter
i saw a package of all green m&ms (!!)
i was so excited, i bought 6 bags.
the teens had no clue why.
and so i had to ask how they'd never heard
about the green m&m theory.
i guess i shouldn't be too surprised
since they say "throwed" not "tanked".

that's all.

Monday, January 21, 2008

two things.

sunshine toast:
a made up family name to describe
a fried egg inside a hole in a slice of bread.

i started making this in england when
my kids needed to eat protein but only wanted milk
for breakfast.
i asked the moms in my local mom & tots
what they fed their picky eaters.
they told me about toast soldiers
(but that was too gross for me, since the egg white is still gooey-ick)
and they told me about sunshine toast.
only they called it bulls-eye.
my kids never called it that.
they thought it looked like sunshine in their toast.
a family word was born.

on to more important topics.
does anyone else know about these?

what do they mean to you??

i'll tell you why i'm asking tomorrow.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

because it's technically still sunday...

here's my 365.

love these teens.

and tomorrow i shall photograph 
sunshine toast for you.

tonight i must sleep.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

time is short.

just wanted to post my pic of the day.
i have to work at 2. 
the boy has a hair appt at 10:45
mine is at 11:45
and i want to make the girl one 
sunshine toast for breakfast.

i am feeling guilty and rushed.
(can you tell?)

since i'm off tomorrow i'll be able to post 
something of substance (ha!)

be well peeps!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


i am tired peeps.
like, on my third cup of joe
and still want to curl up
on the big red couch and snooze.


yest comments:

spazz: yes, those sticks work!!
colleen: i bought mine at potterybarn, 
so i can vouch for those, the ones at pier 1 
made my nose hurt. maybe it was the scents?
missy: yeah, uhm, i can't be the only one who sees
the irony...i hate talking on the phone, i am usually the one
who mis-hears what people are saying..
and yet i work in a call center.
365: i think it's more fun because these are like *kids*. man i feel old.
joce: that's funny stuff. we have a pretty cool class, but no one has done that!!
kate: no fire. the sticks absorb the oils 
and then the whole room is filled with your aroma. nice.
stacey: there are some really genius business names out there. 
makes the job fun!!
kate obrien: i can't wait to just get good so i'll enjoy it more!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


daily photo: i love these jars.
cherry blossom and quince are my faves.

day two of call center job.
not so bad.
i even braved the live phones
an hour before class ended.
live calls!!
two of the calls were reverse search
which meant that some chick found a
number on her man's cell and 
wanted to know who the heck it was.
one lady wanted the address listed too.
keep in mind we haven't even learned
reverse search yet!! 
double yikes.

lots of interesting people in my class.
sometimes i think i am 
learning more about human behavior 
than i am my job.

sidenote: there is a mary janes pizza in tulsa, ok
if you ever get the munchies and want an interesting
place to eat.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

feeling green.

today's pics:

so this new job.
is intense.
i am hoping that it's only 
that intense because it was
my first day.
i am one that has to do something well
or i don't want to do it at all.
memorizing the actions (f7 f5 etc)
is easy enough, 
but when you add in the actual speaking...
that's when it got tricky.

anyone ever heard of yakima WA?
me either. 
so when i "got a call" and they were
looking for a number in yakima
i was thrown.
keep in mind i can only have 5-8 secs of dead air.
and i have to know what to say while i am searching.
see, looking it up, easy.
with words...well hopefully practice does make perfect!!

it was fun, though.
i think i'll like it.

yest comments:

thanks for the well wishes with the etsy shop, ladies.
kimmyk: the usps has regulations on the size of the envelope...
i can (and will) make reg sized cards soon!! :)
and it's good to know i am not the only one who despises that 
big yellow p.i.t.a. !!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i know i'm running behind.

when i see this in front of me.
i hate getting behind the school bus.
especially in that neighborhood
there are mini people at every corner!!
and you see how dark it is in the a.m.

last night was spent going over
card designs.
i'm joining the bandwagon.
opening an etsy shop.
the written word.
mostly invitations and cards.
we'll see how it goes.
there's nothing in there now
but give me a day or two...

yest comments:

colleen: if only every avoidance was as fruitful...
kate: it is soooo helpful!! but only if you do the shopping!! lol
thanks spazz. i hope i like it!!
br@ndy: it's the idiots that worry me.
365: lmao ta loca!! chanklas!!
kateobrien: true dat. coffee=power. :)
kimmyk: yes. i must blog. i will. even if it kicks my ass to do so...
katrina: it's a call center. which is ironic since 
i hate talking on the phone. but i get to wear a cool mic phone. :P
dani: oops. i knew i forgot to tell someone. lmao

Monday, January 14, 2008

the view from here.

pretty optimistic when there's a
full tumbler of coffee next to me.
i start training for a new job tomorrow.
i have no clue if i remembered to even share
that i got a job...did i mention that??
yeah. just part time for now.
it's going to be good experience at the very least.
i hope i like it and i hope i excel at it
i need to build up that resume.
and i can't wait to wear big girl clothes
to somewhere other than church.
so that's a bonus.

menu this week:
re-runs (yest bbq burgers and fixins)
penne pasta, salad, garlic rolls
chicken and rice bake
chicken strips and baked sweet potato
taco salad

yest comments:
365: sometimes it't not even worth it to use the coupon
if HEB has a sale on what i need.
kate: missed ya too. it wasn't that i wasn't reading, i just never knew what to say!! :)
dani: i remember that about oz. but i think since you guys have go-lo and bi-lo it evens out.
jen: it was heaven. i even napped a bit!!
kimmyk: i haven't heard of double coupons here. i'd dig that though!!
this. i love it.
stacey: indeed. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

coupon clippa.

made this mess

for this.

maybe i should
clip coupons once a week
instead of once a month!!

now for my reward.
i'm going to plant my booty down
on the big red couch and
possibly finish a book.
my idea of a
happy sunday.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

good & co.

pic for yest 365.
love all that GREEN!!

that was in boerne.
mi madre and i
snuck over there yest.
i just want to LIVE there.

the day before that
would be thursday...
and hubby hung my
pottery barn craft center
for me.
he is my hero.
this is what the craft area looks like now:

i still need to get the
drawer pulls sanded
and painted.

but i like it!!
love that the dresser
i am now using for my craft area
used to hold my boy-ones
wee lil clothes.

and for tabitas, who says i must
only own black and white clothes
according to pics i post.


be well peeps.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

today's 365.

love this bowl.
hubby brought it back for me
from san angelo.
and it wasn't even from an antique shop!!
it was in his parent's cabinet!!

tsk tsk
such a beauty to be hidden.


more tomorrow...
i've re-organized the craft area

dani's challenge.

i only have this pic

& one other on my computer.
which means i have some pics of us to take!!
i usually find smooshed face
arm extended pics of us all over
so not sure why they have all but disappeared lately.

(dani's challenge was one or two pics with your SO)
(her link is in my side bar. dani m.)

be back later with the pic a day!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

baby jail.

well, not really baby jail.
but it looks that way, huh??
i took a pic for the 365 challenge, 
one of me painting, but now that i look at it,
the damn camera was focused behind my hand.
so you get baby jail pic.
at least you get a peek into my shopping basket, too.
berry krispies.
and cornbread.

be well peeps.

ps. we won!!
ball is in the basket. woot!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

that purple stuff.

from last post is bath salt.
in a lovely lavender vanilla scent.
not mine.
mi madre's.
i bought this
which is also my pic of the day:
sweet clover.
i love the way my skin feels
after i use it!!

colleen, spazz: if there is a bath junkie near you, run
don't walk!! it's an awesome store!!
brandy: love tuna on bagels. 
and melted provolone on a bagel 
with shredded turkey...mmm
kimmyk: yes, we're covering the red.
i wish i had known how much work it would be!!
lol yeah, the boy does look like he's giving the bird!!
kate: i am so exicited!! i hope it turns out the way i imagine it!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

the 365 catch up.









today's pic is a peek at one of the projects
i am making for bekahboo's room.
which is yesterday's pic.
we are re-painting.
let me just say red is one hard paint to cover.
we only got the priming done yesterday.
but i am super excited about the re-do.
i'll show pics (of course) as it progresses.

thanks for all the super nice words regarding
my LOs. kimmyk i think i've fixed the problem.
apparently blogger doesn't like when we drag
the photos while we post. we must cut and paste html.

who knew?
have a happy monday y'alls.

menu this week:
pasta, garlic bread and green salad
baked chicken with steamed veggies
tuna salad on bagels with simple green salad
grilled chicken and white rice with peas
re-run night. :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008