Wednesday, January 30, 2008


oh, abi.

she pulls up next to me at a stop light.
and this is what i get.
the brat.

what do you want to see?

i'm stumped on the 365 pics and we're not even done with january yet!!
so tell me, what do you want to know about me/what do you want to see
a pic of?
i'll try to find it, or create it to photograph it.

yest comments are in the last post,
it was easier to answer them in the comments section.

have a good wednesday, peeps.

something GOOD is going to happen to me today!!


Kate Michele said...

I like her style...hahaha.

Well now i'm gonna be wondering all day... whats happening to Glo?

Anonymous said...


i want to see what makes you happy.

nice attitude to have for every day sweetie!! :0)


God i miss you....

BR@NDY said...

I love that you caught on camera. You are good!

Chriselda said...

ummm. yeah
at least you're not in the 365 group where it has to be of you everyday!
i'm getting sick of it.
but i am on month four now.
8 left
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let me know
about today!
you have no idea
how happy i would be

kimmyk said...

good for you taking your camera with you in the car.

hmmm what do i want to see? do you still have all those baskets in your kitchen still? you had stuff on top of your cabinets in your old house...did you move 'em? if so i wanna see 'em again.

glo.riah said...

katie: i started saying that after watching joel osteen on tv two weeks ago. just a minor way to change my 'tude. :)
365: yeah, she's something else, isn't she?! i miss you too!! august- ta loca!!
br@ndy: i didn't catch it at the first stop light so it was a good thing i caught it the second time!!
chriselda: the boy one really wants it!! i find myself wanting it too... and i was throwing around the self portrait 365...but couldn't commit. most days i am too blah!!
kimmyk: i have a small camera just for such occasions!! the baskets are all in a pile upstairs. perhaps i should snap that pile!!