Thursday, January 3, 2008

they have stories.

i am certain.
each time i walk into an antique store 
i am flooded with thoughts
and questions about the lives these little objects 
have seen.
i went to boerne with mi madre today.
brought home a few little joys.
my new fruit bowl:
some of the other cakestands/glassware
i have found.
(san angelo/fredericksburg)
they all make me so happy.

em's class begins today.
i am super stoked.
i plan on loading up the classroom
saturday...when i will have time to enjoy it!!

okay peeps, hubby is threatening to start
watching sopranos without me 
(we're on the 2nd part on season 6!!)
so i gots to go!!
but first, i have to ask.

do you antique?


kimmyk said...

gurrrl. me antiquing is like you scrapping. no freakin' lie.

i'm not so much into milk glass or depression glass as it appears that's what some of your cake stands are, but tea sets? tea pots? hellooooo. furniture? hellooo. omg, my hearts racing. haha!!!!

your pieces are quite lovely though. what's that big red thing in the fruit bowl?

Danimezza said...

do i... DO I!!!!
I'm so depressed you didn't box all those goodies up and send them to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I love 'em and I want then.. no... NEED THEM.
Awesome finds girl, glad you're sharing pics :)

island girl said...

that is so funny that you are posting about cake stands. i just bought my first cake stand last use in my bathroom, and i "heart" it!