Tuesday, January 29, 2008


gosh i need a pedi.

and a maid.

some nando's wouldn't hurt.

accomplished so far.

my collection.

& now i'm out.
be gentle peeps.


Positive For 365 said...

my finger nails are that same color.

are those the same wash/dry you had in OZ?

BR@NDY said...

sweet ATCs...(((spit)))

kimmyk said...

well my laundry room looks like that on laundry day too. i need a pedi too. and a maid. i dunno what that nando's is, but maybe i could use some of that too.

glo.riah said...

kimmyk: nando's is the best ever portuguese chicken restaurant i've had. i fell in love with the wraps in aus. :( i have the marinade, but it's not the same as eating there!!
br@ndy: thanks girl. do you think they're okay for the swap? i don't really know the gals except you...
365: yeah, i painted mine...not a good job...and i bored of the color after two weeks...not the same wash/dryer, the det owned those. these are all mine!!

Mel~B said...

I thought I was looking at my own laundry when I saw this post!

I hate coming back from 2 weeks holiday with a truck load of washing to do! And guess what, it's storming and torrential rains so I can't hang things on the line - and you know what Aaron's like with using the dryer! Oh well, bring on the electricity bill!