Tuesday, January 8, 2008

that purple stuff.

from last post is bath salt.
in a lovely lavender vanilla scent.
not mine.
mi madre's.
i bought this
which is also my pic of the day:
sweet clover.
i love the way my skin feels
after i use it!!

colleen, spazz: if there is a bath junkie near you, run
don't walk!! it's an awesome store!!
brandy: love tuna on bagels. 
and melted provolone on a bagel 
with shredded turkey...mmm
kimmyk: yes, we're covering the red.
i wish i had known how much work it would be!!
lol yeah, the boy does look like he's giving the bird!!
kate: i am so exicited!! i hope it turns out the way i imagine it!!


SpAzzGiRL said...

bath junkie, eh?
Never heard of it.
The blue goo looks as good as the purple! lol

kimmyk said...

i've never heard of that store. i'll have to look for it online.

that's what i need. another bath store. thanks!