Friday, January 18, 2008


i am tired peeps.
like, on my third cup of joe
and still want to curl up
on the big red couch and snooze.


yest comments:

spazz: yes, those sticks work!!
colleen: i bought mine at potterybarn, 
so i can vouch for those, the ones at pier 1 
made my nose hurt. maybe it was the scents?
missy: yeah, uhm, i can't be the only one who sees
the irony...i hate talking on the phone, i am usually the one
who mis-hears what people are saying..
and yet i work in a call center.
365: i think it's more fun because these are like *kids*. man i feel old.
joce: that's funny stuff. we have a pretty cool class, but no one has done that!!
kate: no fire. the sticks absorb the oils 
and then the whole room is filled with your aroma. nice.
stacey: there are some really genius business names out there. 
makes the job fun!!
kate obrien: i can't wait to just get good so i'll enjoy it more!!


Anonymous said...

Knock knock,
who's there?
Orange you glad we're bffs?!!

EatCrayons said...
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EatCrayons said...

Mmmmm, TLC bars are so yummy. :)

Colleen said...

i LOVE those TLC bars. my fave is the choc cherry ones. pb is my 2nd fave. now i want one...


Katrina said...

awwwww....lookie! my lip balm. :)