Sunday, January 27, 2008

i was such a girl today.

i wore a dress.
i still get points even though
it was over leggings, right??

i went shoe shopping,
that will detract points since
i didn't buy any...

went to see 27 dresses
last night.
the only part i dug
was the dancing on the bar
to benny & the jets.
i really want to see juno.

trying to work in a pic
for the 365...
how's this

that's abi's idea of a sandwich.
yes, you see turkey
and mustard
and hot cheetos.
IN her sammich.



Positive For 365 said...

a dress over leggings? i love it! that is so audrey hepburn..
(at least how i'm imagining it)

hot fries- no que -hot fries! ta loca!!!

do i want to see atonement? **tilted puppy head question**

SpAzzGiRL said...

a dress?? what's that? LOL
The kid eats sandwiches with chips too, grosses me out. Not sure why but it definitely does.

Vee said...

looks yummy, i pit chips in my tuna sandwiches, hehehe
your pics are always awesome :)

Kate Michele said...

I have been trying to get a certain someone to take me to see Juno for three weeks now.... i think i may have to be the sad pathetic girl who goes alone... wanna go with me??

Colleen said...

juno rocks
nuff said

sammie looks good
hot cheetos exist?
gotta check these out

Danimezza said...

waiting to see juno... i loved 27 dresses, she reminds me of myself I never say no.
"She's got Electric Boobs, a mohair suit you know i read it in a magazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen oh ohhhhhh BBB Benny and the Jetzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" hahahaha