Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i know i'm running behind.

when i see this in front of me.
i hate getting behind the school bus.
especially in that neighborhood
there are mini people at every corner!!
and you see how dark it is in the a.m.

last night was spent going over
card designs.
i'm joining the bandwagon.
opening an etsy shop.
the written word.
mostly invitations and cards.
we'll see how it goes.
there's nothing in there now
but give me a day or two...

yest comments:

colleen: if only every avoidance was as fruitful...
kate: it is soooo helpful!! but only if you do the shopping!! lol
thanks spazz. i hope i like it!!
br@ndy: it's the idiots that worry me.
365: lmao ta loca!! chanklas!!
kateobrien: true dat. coffee=power. :)
kimmyk: yes. i must blog. i will. even if it kicks my ass to do so...
katrina: it's a call center. which is ironic since 
i hate talking on the phone. but i get to wear a cool mic phone. :P
dani: oops. i knew i forgot to tell someone. lmao


SpAzzGiRL said...

Oh I hate school bus street, especially because in our city apparently it is like a game to tell your kids to dart out in between cars to get to your momma's car and get in on the street side...sheesh!
I make the kid meet me 2 blocks away to avoid it.

BR@NDY said...

You can do it...Esty shop that is! Oh and the job too.

kimmyk said...

i hate getting stuck behind buses!

i love the valentine's cards! those are so sweet. I'm looking forward to future stuff.

How's come you can't send them in the mail? Can you do some that can be sent via USPS?

Kate O'Brien said...

YEAH! So glad you are hopping on the bandwagon! I'm going to start my shop in March. GOOD LUCK to you!!

PS - I hate getting behind buses too! That sucks!

Danimezza said...

ESTY YAY... You really should upload your handwriting as a font... I ADORE your handwriting :)