Saturday, January 19, 2008

time is short.

just wanted to post my pic of the day.
i have to work at 2. 
the boy has a hair appt at 10:45
mine is at 11:45
and i want to make the girl one 
sunshine toast for breakfast.

i am feeling guilty and rushed.
(can you tell?)

since i'm off tomorrow i'll be able to post 
something of substance (ha!)

be well peeps!!


Missy said...

Don't feel guilty!!
you are a good mama ;)

Positive For 365 said...

four words;
beee you tee full!
please tell me that bowl is tiny?!

kimmyk said...

pretty shiny blue bowl.
i love the cuts on it.
it looks like it's an ashtray really.
too pretty to put something so ugly in it and dirty it. shame on them!!!

what's sunshine toast? i'm hungry.

i hate feeling guilty that i work and try to be a good mom. i just plain hate working. i would love to stay home and make meals for my kids and clean my house and scrapbook. that would be the best job ever.

Danimezza said...

Have fun at work and learn heaps. Don't feel guilty, they're more likely to be happy for your independence more than you think.

EatCrayons said...

Pretty, pretty bowl!

Awww, don't feel guilty. You're a rad mom, 'cause you know what sunshine toast is! :)

Pssssst? What's sunshine toast?

Jackietex said...

I LOVE blue glass! I am slowly starting to collect vintage blue glass items, especially iridescent.