Friday, January 4, 2008

on boerne.

yesterday was great.
i know i already posted pics of our finds
but i wanted to talk a bit about the town itself.
after two antique shops
we stopped at a paper/stationery store.
so cool. loved all of her stuff. so crafty.
like old school crafty. no big industry names.
i wanted to ask for a job, right then and there.
but that'd be one heck of a drive, huh?
(since the store was filled with her ideas, 
i didn't feel right taking pictures.)
i loved the atmosphere, the quaint feel of it all.

for lunch
we ate at a NON CHAIN restaurant.
felt good to do that!!
it was called the bear moon
and i just adored their effort when it comes to 
our environment!!
aidan liked what he read, too. :P
of course the food was
i didn't take any pics, but you'll 
have to take my word for it.
i had the avocado veggie wrap
and my mom had the chicken and rice soup.

& yest. comments:

well that settles it, then.
dani, kimmyk come on over to texas
and let's antique!!
oh, and that's a honeycrisp, kimmyk. 
they are huge. and worth every penny 
of the $3.09 i paid for it 


SpAzzGiRL said...

loved the tiques!
I am a sucker for entertaining pieces like the cake plates, baskets, cool glasses.

kimmyk said...

honeycrisp huh?
i will have to look at whole foods for that one next visit.

lunch sounded like yum to me!

island girl said...

i love visiting antique, so much fun!!