Thursday, January 10, 2008

today's 365.

love this bowl.
hubby brought it back for me
from san angelo.
and it wasn't even from an antique shop!!
it was in his parent's cabinet!!

tsk tsk
such a beauty to be hidden.


more tomorrow...
i've re-organized the craft area


kimmyk said...

pretty bowl!
is that dove chocolate? gah. yum.

Jackietex said...

That was so sweet of your hubby to know that you would appreciate the bowl and ask for it. I like vintage irridescent blue glass, I have a very funky looking lamp that came with our cottage in Michigan that I love.

Mel~B said...

These are the types of presents I get from my husband - ones he can get for FREE!! I hear you laughing - you know what he's like!!

glo.riah said...

mel- why yes i do!! he's a sweetie, though, your guy!!
jackie- there's lots of that in the boerne shops. LOVE it.
kimmyk- it's reese's. mmm.