Friday, January 25, 2008

gramma's dishes.

i got two things
of my grandmother's
when she passed away.
i love having these dishes,
since that's what i remember most about her.
she was always feeding somebody.

i also got her sewing box.
she was always asking me to thread her needles for her.
i miss you grandma!!

this morning's interview went well.
i think i handled the interviewer *exceptionally well*.
(really, who tells an interviewee that you have beaten a horse before?!)
and isn't a-busch synonymous with Clydesdales?
the job i interviewed for requires two interviews.
so i passed his screening process and should
hear from the other dude in 3-7 days.

65, kimmyk: it was the car wash. love watching water patterns.
eve (colleen?): thanks, i think it's the toesies that helped!!


kimmyk said...

pretty dishes indeed.

i have all my grandma's stuff from her china cabinet. even the cabinet. i love just cleaning stuff in it and looking through it. it's fun even though i didnt know her.

staceyfike said...

good luck w/ the next interview. i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!

Anonymous said...

i had forgotten the horse story!!
i guess the won't hire you as a stable hand! :0)

Colleen said...

i always think of beer when i see clydesdales

and yep...eve was me. i always forget to log out

EatCrayons said...

Ohhhh your grandmother's dishes are beautiful! I really wish I had something of my Grandmother's to remember her by.

Best of luck with the next step/interview. :)