Tuesday, January 1, 2008

like whoa.

it's 2008 y'alls.
happy new year!!
hope everyone had a great night.
ours was low key, i made lots of appetizers
and cookies to munch on
while we played games like guesstures, cranium
and scrabble.

i generally stay away from new year's resolutions
because i am usually setting myself up for failure.
so it came as a shock to me this morning
that i resolved to do something.

i resolve to learn one thing.
one thing each week
about my camera/photography.
only one.
c'mon self, you can do it!!

in the meanwhile, 
today will be spent drinking lots of coffee,
perhaps hitting up a sale or two at the mall,
and continuing big love on my portable dvd.
while i scrap.

i knew it wouldn't last.
hubbs just informed me he needs
to go fix the 'puter at mi madre's.
damn PC.

kimmyk, it really helps to know what i am making
so i can shop accordingly...all those meals take like 40 mins 
or less to make (or 5 mins of prep and then into the crockpot!!)
it just looks involved!! heh heh


kimmyk said...

happy new year to you and your family!

looks like y'all had a good nite!

i want to learn more about my camera-good one. i'mma steal/borrow that idea for myself. thanks!!! lol.

Missy said...

Happy New Year!!
booo on PCs ;) and their fix-needing selves...
I hope your evening is a quiet one :)

staceyfike said...

happy new year!!

Colleen said...

happy new year!!!! and i love those little vday cards. too cute!

dani_luigi said...

Happy New Year!! So nice to see you smiling again and enjoying the festive season.

Here's to a very happy and non - eventful 2008

BR@NDY said...

Have a fantastic new year! your little V-cards are uber cute! You are crafty like woah..(like woah was totally stolen from you) wink wink!