Monday, January 21, 2008

two things.

sunshine toast:
a made up family name to describe
a fried egg inside a hole in a slice of bread.

i started making this in england when
my kids needed to eat protein but only wanted milk
for breakfast.
i asked the moms in my local mom & tots
what they fed their picky eaters.
they told me about toast soldiers
(but that was too gross for me, since the egg white is still gooey-ick)
and they told me about sunshine toast.
only they called it bulls-eye.
my kids never called it that.
they thought it looked like sunshine in their toast.
a family word was born.

on to more important topics.
does anyone else know about these?

what do they mean to you??

i'll tell you why i'm asking tomorrow.


Positive For 365 said...

what are the other things on the plate of sunshine toast? they look like sugar cookies! Now that's a glo i can get on board with!!
cookies at breakfast!!
my mom used to give us chocolate cake for breakfast and i wonder why i'm fatty bumba-latty!!

EatCrayons said...

Ohhhhh okay, I know what sunshine toast is. I like your made up family name for it much more. :)

Green M&Ms, ummm...well in high school they meant 'Randy Candy'! Ha.
I prefer orange. The Orange M&M never gets the recognition it deserves!!

island girl said...

mmmm....sunshine toast looks delicious!! i've heard it called something else too, but i can't remember the name...

and green m&m's...don't those mean you're "frisky" tee-hee!

kimmyk said...

very cute idea for the toast!
the green m&m's always meant sex or something like island girl said.

Kate O'Brien said...

That breakfast looks yummy!

LOL! I agree with the other gals. I'm gonna keep checking back in to see your response! :)

Colleen said...

green m&ms
tee hee
do they make you horny, baby (said in my best austin powers voice)

my mom made me sunshine toast when i was a kid! but we called it egg in a basket. i think that's what we called it. i'll have to ask mom

SpAzzGiRL said...

Ahhh...toast and egg....sunshine...duh! I've seen that before, never had it but have heard of it. We were always an egg sandwich family.

Green m&ms...they make you randy, right? At least that's what I always heard, that and the red ones were bad for a bit there...or was it the orange ones?

Kate Michele said...

We call that Toad in the Hole around here.

Ohhh green... ahhh the green :D