Monday, January 14, 2008

the view from here.

pretty optimistic when there's a
full tumbler of coffee next to me.
i start training for a new job tomorrow.
i have no clue if i remembered to even share
that i got a job...did i mention that??
yeah. just part time for now.
it's going to be good experience at the very least.
i hope i like it and i hope i excel at it
i need to build up that resume.
and i can't wait to wear big girl clothes
to somewhere other than church.
so that's a bonus.

menu this week:
re-runs (yest bbq burgers and fixins)
penne pasta, salad, garlic rolls
chicken and rice bake
chicken strips and baked sweet potato
taco salad

yest comments:
365: sometimes it't not even worth it to use the coupon
if HEB has a sale on what i need.
kate: missed ya too. it wasn't that i wasn't reading, i just never knew what to say!! :)
dani: i remember that about oz. but i think since you guys have go-lo and bi-lo it evens out.
jen: it was heaven. i even napped a bit!!
kimmyk: i haven't heard of double coupons here. i'd dig that though!!
this. i love it.
stacey: indeed. :)


All About Eve said...

i finally started doing menus. at first it stressed me to even think about it, but then i was avoiding something else and did one and it was nice to have it there. so now i'm going to start making it a regular thing. thanks for the inspo!!

Colleen said...

sorry, that was me...i forgot to log out of eve

Kate Michele said...

I need to get back to doing the whole menue thing. i'm so unorganized these days.

whats the job in?

SpAzzGiRL said...

good luck at the new gig!

BR@NDY said...

Make sure you play nice with all the other grown ups!

Anonymous said...

this is for tomorrow...
i'm so excited for you i can hardly stand it!!!
meanwhile i went to store without doing my hair and wearing chanklas!!

Kate O'Brien said...

good luck at your new job!

yes anything can be accomplished with coffee nearby!

kimmyk said...

Congrats with the new job!!!
I hope it works out well for you and you can use it and build on it for future stuffs.

You'll be able to get out and still have time to blog. There will still be time to blog right? Right?!

Katrina said...

congrats - tell us more!

dani_luigi said...

Umm..NO, you kind of neglected to tell us that totally unimportant (more like very important) detail. Congrats, good luck for tomorrow.