Sunday, January 6, 2008

i wish i wasn't lazy.

maybe it's the fact that hubby
got the curtains up in our room
(so it's nice and dark and cozy)
or maybe it's that i have only just
begun my first cup of coffee.
but i feel lazy.
& i don't feel like messing with the scanner
this morning.
i need to figure out how to get the resolution
down so i can share some of these at sistv.

for now it's easier to share them here!!
halloween cookie LO. he didn't carve this year.
just decorated cookies. that's not so scary!! :)

i love this pic. wasn't sure what 
i wanted to say at first.
but then i started playing with the 
watercolor pencils and i remembered 
how i felt this day.

for my sister.
who really is all about the pink.
love the playful feel of the border (paint!!).

okay, it's 9:10...time for me to get ready for church.
have a great sunday y'alls!!

yest comments:
alison!! hi!! i missed ya!!
jen: i can't wait to see what she has in store next!!
stacy: seriously, nothing better!! i love paint!! :P
thanks girls, i really enjoyed getting messy!!
now i have a stack of pages ready to turn into LOs!
carrie: yep. flames. that was the first time i broke that mask out!!
kimmyk: just paint as your background. nothin' scary!! :)


staceyfike said...

what program do you edit in? i *might* be able to help you with the resolution.......might.

kimmyk said...

very cool.

i wish i could click the pictures and make them bigger to read. i'm old ya know. bad eyes.

but very cool...

Kate O'Brien said...

I love each and every one of those layouts! Super great work.

Colleen said...

these are so fun!

i love that size too