Monday, January 28, 2008

it was a good day.

finished my book today.
it only took like a month!!
in all fairness, i lost it for a week or two...
but it was so good, i think i might have
been purposely reading slow to make it last!!

my fortune today read:
deep faith eliminates fear.

i got to watch two episodes of dexter.
so love.

okay that's it for today.
hubby leaves tomorrow for amarillo
and the spurs game is on.

365: yes.yes you do want to see atonement.
spazz: i have some weird eating habits, but not this one!!
vee: thanks girl. i always want to come across as honest as i can through my pics.
katie: i'd go with ya in a heartbeat. i'm hoping to see it this weekend.
oh colleen: yes. in baked, in crunchy and in puff forms. all yummy.
dani: that, and she loves all things wedding!!


EatCrayons said...

Reading a book within a month would be like lightening fast for me. :)

Can't watch me the willies.

Kate Michele said...

so i was trying to read the nice little review of the book on amazon there... holy mary and joseph!! I seriously need a dictionary to finish it. LOL

Anonymous said...

i want that star! i never get ANY thing!!

KATE MICHELE the book is really an easy read and interesting...that review on amazon was NOT!

SpAzzGiRL said...

OMG...I have the EXACT same picture, now I need to blog mine!
And my fortune read, He who has family is never lost...My mom replied, "well, that's cuz they make navigation thingies now", right mom! LOL

staceyfike said...

sighhh.... i love dexter!
is it bad to have a crush on a serial killer?

Chriselda said...

yeah for amarillo!!
you should've come with
but maybe soon
coffee can be daily
or something
that would be nice
fingers crossed
but honestly...
boring. as. ever
you'd hate it