Thursday, January 31, 2008

i said i'd never do it.

that'll teach me.

i always said i'd never
put a pair of crocs on my feet.
when everyone was raving over these
hideous shoes (they are cute on kids, tho!)
i even emailed my bff to warn her
not to get caught up in the frenzy.

well, look at me now.

i am telling myself i am not
technically going back on my word
since these look nothing like those
first styles...

in other news
aren't these cute??

the boy one loves them.
he says it's for times
when you don't want to commit to a
full size banana.
typical male.

this is the staple to
tonight's dinner.

i made this last week,
and i'll tell ya...
the kids LOVED it.
so did i!!
i made mashed potatoes
and used the garlic to season them!!

ps. yest comments are in yest comment box. xoxo


EatCrayons said...

I think *someone* once left a comment on my blog regarding Crocs. *snickers* Look at your feet now! I really dig that style, they look so comfy. It's amazing how they just keep coming out with something new all of the time.

LOL @ boy one's comment regarding bananas. :)

glo.riah said...

looks around for guilty party.


Positive For 365 said...

sorry babe your BFF still hates them, but i won't judge. We are allowed to change our minds...i'm one to talk, right?!!

that kid kills me, his tia misses him bunches.

Laura said...

Adorable. And totally not traditional croc-style, so you are off the hook with explaining your purchase. :)

SpAzzGiRL said...

I thought we started an anti-croc group a while back...weren't you el presidente? LOL
Looks like your family will be safe from any bloodsucking this evening.

Kate Michele said...

I love the maryjane ones!!! I may have to get them... though i will admitt i have the orginial ones.. in hot pink... they made nice comfy shoes for the long hospital days. But yes..they are UGLY...but comfy. alot like my workout pants i've had for 10 years and cant bring myself to throw out even though the butt is wearing through... yeah like those :D

staceyfike said...

those shoes are tres cute!

and i have a birthmark on my left foot just like yours, except it's more in the shape of illinois than round.....

dani_luigi said...

their quite cute G, alot different to the orignal mary janes. much sexier

Positive For 365 said...

LOL, glo you need to explain the "birthmark"...lets see a close up!

Kate O'Brien said...

I swore I would never wear crocs either. But those are stinkin' adorable! I think I am changing my mind!

Kate Michele said...

So i'm walking through the mall last night and what do i see a brand new croc store all for me.

[i have such self control... not sure if i'll have it next time]


Colleen said...


"when you don't want to commit to a
full size banana.
typical male."

is why i love you

Vee said...

your new shoes are adorable!! ;)