Sunday, February 3, 2008

why does my coffee sizzle?

it kind of freaks me out.
when i pour it, it sizzles like
bacon on a hot surface.

makes me wonder what it's doing to my insides.
(but not enough to make me stop drinking it.)

this freaks me out.

birds on a wire.

this makes me laugh.

(i took this pic before i quit the phone job.)

this means it was windy

and this means i was bored.

enjoy what's left of your weekend peeps...
today i cheer for the refs.
because, let's face it,
if the cowboys aren't in it,
who cares who wins??


Positive For 365 said...

If i ever see that in a vending machine at a job, i'm walking right out!
i love the last pic, looks like a lite brite

Kate Michele said...

what is the last one of? VERY cool.

Wait we quit?? I would've of too if that was in the vending machine..what 365 said :D

signal of stress anyone???

Danimezza said...

Love the straws pic Gloria oh and the bird on the wore made me laugh really hard :P Much love oxoxox