Friday, February 29, 2008

listening to the daylight.

things are going pretty smoothly around here
i'm liking the new job
i'm loving the weather (for the most part!)
and i'm loving the books i am reading.

in the makes me happy things are simple column:

fresh fruit and sourdough toast for breakfast.

**and i must share-
the girl one gets into the truck
after her game yest and asks:
"so if a christian school
plays a christian school
who's side is God on?"**


BR@NDY said...

Wow. that is a very respectable question. I suspect only the big guy knows.

Kate Michele said...

well hmmm. thats a good one. course i'm gettin stumped already by my three year olds "why" questions. :D

SpAzzGiRL said...

When we were in school and played non-private schools the coach would always say, "Ya know what we got that they don't...God!!" I always thought that was weird and totally un-christianlike...LOL
Love some sourdough, it is my total favorite of all the carbo goodness.

glo.riah said...

my response to her was:

"God has more important things to deal with. He just wants you to have fun in the body He gave you. and don't let ANYone tell you different."

i am not kidding. so many of the moms on the other "christian" school side were mouthy - like it was THEIR victory and not their daughter's. :X
**i must disclose, we are catholic...none of this high and mighty thinking goes on here in our home!!**

Anonymous said...

i love your response to HJH...

i am so excited....the plan is finally going to happen!! XXOO

kimmyk said...

haha, girl one is a smarty pants.

those moms on the other hand? so not nice.

i love fresh fruit. i miss it.

i want summer weather and summer fruit. *sigh*