Thursday, February 7, 2008

yesterday i

found a cool tree.

watched my girl practice.

and finished the valentine tree.

(which i purchased at hobby lobby.)

we have a family dinner tonight.
wish me luck.
(or pray they serve martinis at the restaurant.)


Positive For 365 said...

HJH looks so sporty!!

me: look she's fielding a grounder!
kellitas: what's a grounder?

leewoodside said...

Love your little Valentine project.
Hey girl sorry to hear that you are missing Oz. WE are missing you too!

Chriselda said...

love mamacitas
and their flaming cheese
and their fat free beans!
ugh... stay there
i'll come back to you!

EatCrayons said...

Indeed a cool looking tree.
Awesome, the girl's playing ball. :)
I played for 10yrs. I miss it.
Cute V-day project.

Stephanie said...

Awesome pics! Also, you've been tagged! Check out my blog for info!

SpAzzGiRL said...

that is a cool tree!
Good luck with the fam.

Kate Michele said...

How freakin adorable is that??!!

BR@NDY said...

1. your tree is uber cute.
2. why is it so sunny there? No snow? what?
3. that tree is cool for sure.
4. I totally think you should jump on the bandwagon daily cards.
5. No seriously you should
6. I am still missin one set of V-Day ATCs before I can send out.
7. Just thought you would like to know.
8. okay I'm done.

kimmyk said...

that tree is cool. it reminds me of those weeds that grow in your yard and you blow them away in the wind and make a wish. you know the ones?

hope you had a great dinner!

Colleen said...

ok, that valentine tree is the cutest thing i've ever seen. i am so going to be a copy cat and make one

Vee said...

love your valentine tree, super cute!!

glo.riah said...

365: ha! sounds like your girl!! lol
lee: i could really go for a max brenner date too!!
chriselda: whatchoo waiting for?!
carrie: she's a little afraid of the ball now..since she's gotten hit a few times!! :(
steph, thanks!
spazz, thanks, it was a okay!!
br@ndy: looking forward to seeing them!! :) and no. no snow here. :(
kimmyk: aren't those dandelions? as in dandelion wishes? one puff and theyre gone.
colleen, make sure to share your tree!! :)
vee: thanks!!