Monday, February 11, 2008

where ya been, who'd you see, what'd you do?!

i finally answered
the last three days' comments.
in their respective boxes.

so i need to figure out
how to make time.

for cooking dinner
for blogging.
for sleep.
for everything else
that goes with being a mom/wife.
it's a good thing this job is only a few
hours a day so far.
this past weekend was a blur.
starting with thurs.

bekahboo's 16th.

which means my boy one will be there in oh
nine weeks!!
friday was sick day.
saturday meant catching up before
the new job.
sick days only mean you move your
chores one day over!!
laundry, shopping, cooking.
new job orientation.
arieah's birthday party.
lots of kids and lots of relatives.
(we're mexican)

which brings me to today.




kimmyk said...

isn't she precious? so cute and she looks snuggly.

sorry to hear you were sick, hope you're feelin' better.

Danimezza said...

sweet pics :)

Mel~B said...

I don't think anybody has figured out how to make time. I know EXACTLY how you feel! My ONE and ONLY New Year's resolution this year is to simplify my life. That means, cutting out unnecessary ironing, not worry if the house is a little untidy and to stop trying to please everybody else! We're only in Feb so I've got a lot to learn this year!

I miss you girl. I think I would have had a lot more time to spend with you this year had you still have been here :(

Positive For 365 said...

"B" got a mariachi hat for her birthday? i never get anything!!

"A" looks like she's saying
viva la raza!!!

glad you're back, i missed you :0)

Kate Michele said...

how cute is she??!!!

oh and hey when you figure out that making more time invention you'll share right? right?

glo.riah said...

oh yes, katie. if i ever figure out how i will def share!!
365: nope, the restaurant loaned it. but she sure rocked it!!
mel: i only wish. :( we are still torturing each other with various "i miss_____ ." (all in oz, of course.
dani m: thanks.
kimmyk: feeling better now. i guess mommas only get 24 hrs (if that). we don't have time to be sick! lol

Vee said...

she is the cutest!!