Wednesday, February 6, 2008

wide open spaces.

it seems that is what i am missing.

dani asked to see some more pics
of the city i live in.
and i will try to get out there and snap some...
but i have to tell ya.
the city looks ugly to me.

i am not sure how one can feel homesick
for a country that isn't one's "home"
but it seems this is the case.

i miss oporto
and michel's patisserie
and freakin baker's delight finger buns.

i miss movie theatres in the mall
and boost juice
and my beloved rouse hill fruit barn.

i miss my gals at the rouse hill aus post
and my newsagent, who held an issue of
DOG magazine for me, just so the girl one
wouldn't miss out.

i miss aldi's and a clean maccas
and the boab trees in front of
the mean fiddler.

i even miss $12/kilo bananas.

on a totally different note:
i will be making little decs for this today.


Anonymous said...

i miss the sushi place we went to

Anonymous said...

one more thing...i can "heartly" wait to see what you make ;0)

SpAzzGiRL said...

Where'd ya get that gem?
I know there are sights where you are now that you love equally as much, no??

dani_luigi said...

Aww..Australia misses you too. Everytime I walk into Gloria Jeans I think of you.

Bananas are now $2-$3 a kilo, a much better price.

Anonymous said...

No meantion of ME what-so-eva...
Love the heart tree btw

Jackietex said...

Ugh, sorry about the confusing homesickness. Life just doesn't seem to want to live up to our expectations--nor does family! :) Atleast you have the Alamo. :0

PS Cool layout above!

Colleen said...

this is me hugging you now

glo.riah said...

365: mmmm sushi bay!! how could i forget SUSHI BAY?!
spazz, i got the heart tree at hobby lobby. do they have HL up there??
dani a: they have loria jeans here..just not the same!! :(
dani m: you know i heart ya!! ;)
jackie: yes, i'll always have the alamo!! lol
colleen: thanks, girl. i need to snap out of this soon!!