Sunday, February 17, 2008

lead me not.

it's girl scout season again.

i thought for sure
i'd soon be rid of those
5 pounds i gained recently.

psh. not likely with those things in the house.


kimmyk said...

OMG. I know!
I ordered 14 boxes of cookies.

I gots me comin' some Thin Mints, Somoas, Trefoils, and I think one box of the Sugar Free Chocci Chips. I love those little girls in the green get ups and their crack in the box cookies.

Positive For 365 said...


Danimezza said...

LOL OMG too funny. Nothing like sugar to coat the guilt trip :)

Kate O'Brien said...

ooooh you lucky girl! you have girl scout cookies....and thin mints at that!! O.K. now i'm officially hungry! :)

island girl said...

I hear ya sister...$17.50 later and I'm in GS heaven!

SpAzzGiRL said...

so glad that little crack-pusher didn't ring my bell this year...Samoas are my weakness!

All About Eve said...

i bought a box of thin mints and a box of samoas. thin mints will last a while, but those samoas will be gone in about an hour

it's a sickness

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...



BR@NDY said...

I have been waiting patiently for my THIN MINTS! Although there is nothting thin about them...but hmmmm...

EatCrayons said...


My hubby came home the other night from work and said he ordered 12 boxes from a feller at work. "just helpin' his kid out." Shaaaa!

glo.riah said...

kimmyk- CRACK is right!! plus, they border on racketeering!!
365- they'll be gone soon enough, i'm sure. ;)
danim- LOTS of sugar...but those mints aren't NEARLY as good as thin mints!! ::drool drool::
kate- i share. come on over and i'll prove it!!
jen- they're $3.50 a box here. i spent $21 for something that will lead to me TORtuRING myself on the treadmill. :X
spazz- good luck. i hear they can smell weakness!!
colleen- yeah, those are the hubby's and the boy one's fave too.
joce- the lemon ones are pretty come no one is mentioning them?? lol
br@ndy- aint that the truth. hmph. (crunch crunch)
carrie- TWELVE?! wowsa!!