Wednesday, February 27, 2008

like slow spinning redemption.

more color. it helps when
your employer is generous with
the employee discount.

more reading.
i wanna be a kept woman. !!

more jams.
i'm a sucker for mix CDs.
this one came from the bucks.

more thinking.
my man 08AMA was on
kidd kradick this morning.
love him more. :)

**guess where yest comments are**


Anonymous said...

Rockin the jeans and big sunnies girl.

Kate Michele said...

rock them shades!!

Anonymous said...

cool! i kinda miss wearing a name tag. :o(
Uh when you are manager you have to hire me during the summers :0)

Colleen said...

look at you rockin the inside the car shot. love it. and love that bag

Vee said...

love your shades and bag!! I so love obama, cna we clone him? lol
did you see lost, so good!! i know i can't believe kate has aaron, wth?!!!
happy friday!