Tuesday, February 19, 2008

because green apple jolly ranchers

does not a fruit serving make.

i am still hooked on cara cara oranges thanks to
miss colleen...so that helps.
and trail mix is really healthy right?
especially when you pick through and eat the m&ms
and cashews??

thought so.

dang, i need to get back on track.

(work and home life today.
i'm off on thurs...will catch up then!!)


yest comments:
kimmyk- CRACK is right!! plus, they border on racketeering!!
365- they'll be gone soon enough, i'm sure. ;)
danim- LOTS of sugar...but those mints aren't NEARLY as good as thin mints!! ::drool drool::
kate- i share. come on over and i'll prove it!!
jen- they're $3.50 a box here. i spent $21 for something that will lead to me TORtuRING myself on the treadmill. :X
spazz- good luck. i hear they can smell weakness!!
colleen- yeah, those are the hubby's and the boy one's fave too.
joce- the lemon ones are pretty good...how come no one is mentioning them?? lol
br@ndy- aint that the truth. hmph. (crunch crunch)
carrie- TWELVE?! wowsa!!


Positive For 365 said...

dude i'm so behind, i hardly have time to blog.
Doing laundry cause i got nothing to wear!

kimmyk said...

i think m&m's and cashews is like a totally healthy snack.

how's work?

glo.riah said...

kimmyk- work is great!!
i love how it is a NOTHING job.
and the people i've worked with so far are cool...
that helps!!
365- tomorrow is my day off.
time for me to catch up on laundry too.


Colleen said...

aaaah yes, the pull of the cara cara orange. i go thru withdrawal if i don't have one.

i'm glad i could pass that addiction on to you. :)

Colleen said...

i forgot to say that i think i'm a bad influence on you with the trail mix too. i pick out the m&ms something fierce!

glo.riah said...

ha ha!!
hello kindred spirit.