Monday, February 25, 2008

i like your sushi.

it's real big.

austin was a blast.
(always is.)

didn't take as many pics as i thought.
which disturbs me
only slightly.

here are two of my faves.
we call this the mexican hot dog.

:) sausage in a tortilla.

one of these things is not like the others.

i'm glad i could be an example for you
gals- now go back up your photo files!!



Positive For 365 said...

i gotta have that SUSHI!!
AND the chop stix!!
ho te ne!!

Katrina said...

cuuuute red shoes!

Kate O'Brien said...

i am loving all of these new photos on your blog! love your new avatar pic.

Glad you had fun in Austin!

I can't figure out what you liked about the photo on my blog. Clue me in?? :)

Peace girl! And you are gorgeous! :)

BR@NDY said...

what no snow? everything is green there? wth? Ka-ute shoes! MMMM...sushi!

dani_luigi said...

Oh how cool is the Sushi. Austin looks cool, I wanna go.

You look so happy and refreshed. I hope the happy vibes continue.

Danimezza said...

love the shoes... matches your tatoo :P Miss ya

glo.riah said...

dani m-miss you too girl!!
(you know, i got those shoes in oz.)
dani l- head on over. i am up for the car trip!! :)
br@ndy- :) no snow. all green and sunny. mostly.
kate- sent an email... you just rock. 'nuff said.
katrina- thanks...i love them, but i hardly get to wear them since they don't match too many of my clothes!! lol
365- it was the COOLest thing. the children's museum here is focusing on japan right now. totally making me miss it!! fuji-fuji 1. :)

Vee said...

your shoes are super cute and the sushi is awesome :)

kimmyk said...

i love all those photos!!!
especially the last cute!