Friday, May 29, 2009

my friday my way.

i woke up with visions of
waffles and big glasses of milk
dancing in my head.

got ready for my day
watched a bit of news
and headed to the breakfast room

the fact that it was texas shaped
only enhanced the flavor. :)
headed out to my class
the last in this series

said my good byes
and then jumped in
the rav4 and headed home.
i love that i am no longer
afraid to drive to other cities

Thursday, May 28, 2009

in austin.

left early this morning.
first things first.

attended the training...
learned a few things
and found out i knew more
than i originally thought.
can that be right?

checked into my hotel
love the colors.
ohemgee the orange
speaks to me
and then i got bored

so i hit the road to
find some mischief.

now it's dinner time.

then lights out
early morning.
complimentary breakfast...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

expecting summer

she'll be thirteen this summer
and then i'll only have teenagers.

we're working on the lawn
i love bare feet in the backyard.

puppy prints.
he sticks his nose on the door
and the window never
stays clean for long.
we are puppy parents.

looking forward to summer fruits...
i love food that's kissed by the sun.

and of course
summer footwear.

Monday, May 25, 2009

a day shy of memorial day...

it was rock band

and rock stars.

celebration at it's best!

thank you, army
thank you air force.
thank you navy
thank you marines.
thank you coast guard
thank you to their families.
for your sacrifice
while making my safety possible.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

curled up and weepy.

so my aunt gave my mom a book to read
the last time she came in from dallas.
i heard them talking about it, but wasn't interested
since i was otherwise engaged with sookie.
and now, since i am finished
with what books are out in soft cover
(i dont like hardback books)
i have time.
i picked up the shack on tuesday,
mainly bc i needed something to read
on my lunchbreak.
like whoa.
i have been so weepy-
in public, in private
in my sleep!!
those of you who know me well
know i don't like to get too emotional
(when i do i get mad at myself!!)
i don't like to be touched
i don't like to display any emotion
unless its pleasant...or playful...
so it's been a hard read.
i was at the girl's ortho appt yest
and three of the techs there had read it
and all of them LOVED it...
i was glad, but wanted to know
::blink blink::
maybe i have more work to do...
theres a lot to take in here
and i am loving every minute of it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

take 2.

okay, well that didn't work
i guess i should've asked around
before closing.

so here's how blogspot wants it done.
they want your email address
so i can send you an invite.

don't post your email addys in the comments-
instead just email me at
i'll mass email you the invite.

clear as mud?

summer's coming...

sunday we had a laid back day
hung curtains as my sister's house and
then swimming at my mom's.

i am ready for the feeling of thick blades
of grasss under my feet
and sunshine in my face.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

a few weeks ago

in a land far, far away...
we went to poteet.
you'll remember
last year's trip
was a whole LOT of fun.
and while this year it was too windy
to walk around for too long
we still went
and we plan on going every year
until we either
a) move
b) die from the swine flu.

this year i was reminded of how
much i missed the land down under:

and we figured out where
strawberry milk comes from

just look at those yummy berries

they lasted only a week. !!
now for the reminder

let's pursue WOW together, y'all!!


Friday, May 1, 2009

on growing up.

since carrie asked...
he will be a senior next year...seriously.
this pic is his fave face to make
when he wants me to stop taking pics.

not unlike how the celebs
wear the same clothes to get the paparazzi
to stop stalking them.
i am ashamed to say this is the only pic
of the girl one and i together
all dressed up.
but you can see,
she is almost as tall as i am.

i love this shot.
she reminds me of myself
you can tell she is on the line
between just a bit self conscious
and feeling safe in front of my camera.

and this one too.
although this one you can tell she
is just over me and my camera too.

here's to hoping may is all
it's cracked up to be!!

to al!!