Saturday, May 16, 2009

curled up and weepy.

so my aunt gave my mom a book to read
the last time she came in from dallas.
i heard them talking about it, but wasn't interested
since i was otherwise engaged with sookie.
and now, since i am finished
with what books are out in soft cover
(i dont like hardback books)
i have time.
i picked up the shack on tuesday,
mainly bc i needed something to read
on my lunchbreak.
like whoa.
i have been so weepy-
in public, in private
in my sleep!!
those of you who know me well
know i don't like to get too emotional
(when i do i get mad at myself!!)
i don't like to be touched
i don't like to display any emotion
unless its pleasant...or playful...
so it's been a hard read.
i was at the girl's ortho appt yest
and three of the techs there had read it
and all of them LOVED it...
i was glad, but wanted to know
::blink blink::
maybe i have more work to do...
theres a lot to take in here
and i am loving every minute of it.


island girl said...

i've heard it's an excellent book...i might have to give it a go...

Colleen said...

better stay away from this one. i don't like emotionals either and i've reached my quota after the season finale of grey's

kimmyk said...

hmpf. well i like the would have drawn me in. i'll look for it.

and yeah sob fest on grey's i tell ya. totally twisty ending...don't get me started again.

Kate Michele said...

hmmm mmmm
im trying to think of the last book i cried in.
i dont give my tears up easily. though some movies do get me.