Friday, May 29, 2009

my friday my way.

i woke up with visions of
waffles and big glasses of milk
dancing in my head.

got ready for my day
watched a bit of news
and headed to the breakfast room

the fact that it was texas shaped
only enhanced the flavor. :)
headed out to my class
the last in this series

said my good byes
and then jumped in
the rav4 and headed home.
i love that i am no longer
afraid to drive to other cities


kimmyk said...

*sniff* you're growing up.
you're getting to be such a big girl driving around in all that open texas space. good for you!!

totally wanna eat that waffle. love them! yum!!

and what a cute picture...nice baaaaling!

OMG...I kid you not, my word verification is DROVE. WTF kinna odds are those chuck?

Anonymous said...

Freeeeeeeedom :) I miss driving far by myself, too scared to leave Steve in my 'condition' lol

island girl said...

OMG...Texas shaped have got to be kidding me!? i heart them!!

and RAV4...what about Roxy? were you cheating on her?!

Kate Michele said...

traveling alone
isnt it glorious Glo?
i love conquering airports alone
so empowering hahaha


Kate Michele said...

when did you put your nose stud back in???!!!