Friday, May 1, 2009

on growing up.

since carrie asked...
he will be a senior next year...seriously.
this pic is his fave face to make
when he wants me to stop taking pics.

not unlike how the celebs
wear the same clothes to get the paparazzi
to stop stalking them.
i am ashamed to say this is the only pic
of the girl one and i together
all dressed up.
but you can see,
she is almost as tall as i am.

i love this shot.
she reminds me of myself
you can tell she is on the line
between just a bit self conscious
and feeling safe in front of my camera.

and this one too.
although this one you can tell she
is just over me and my camera too.

here's to hoping may is all
it's cracked up to be!!

to al!!


EatCrayons said...

A senior next year? My oh my, doesn't it seem as if WE were JUST seniors ourselves? LOL @ the face, looks like he's striking a fierce model pose. Handsome boy you have there. Isn't it crazy when they're almost as tall, just as tall, and then actually TALLER than we? *sigh* She's beautiful just like her Momma. :)

Kate Michele said...

they are adorable!! and by the looks of it you are both taller than moi haha

i wish it would warm up here already my may flowers need to bloom with out freezing temps and rain. poor gals.


Vee said...

your children are adorable and don't feel bad that your dd is almost as tall as you because I have an 8 yr, that is almost my height, geez! happy may ma! :)