Thursday, May 28, 2009

in austin.

left early this morning.
first things first.

attended the training...
learned a few things
and found out i knew more
than i originally thought.
can that be right?

checked into my hotel
love the colors.
ohemgee the orange
speaks to me
and then i got bored

so i hit the road to
find some mischief.

now it's dinner time.

then lights out
early morning.
complimentary breakfast...


kimmyk said...

love the orange. (it's mah fav!)
sassy ass.
let me know what the family says...ha!

Danimezza said...

WooHoo :) I want to go away now

island girl said...

ha! i love it!!

glo.riah said...

:) i had the BEST night!!
i couldn't believe i actually
went out ALONE and got it done...
i knew what to expect, so that helped!!