Wednesday, June 30, 2010

on slowing down and loving sushi.

i was able to grab some sushi the other day with a gal pal
from work and i was reminded how much i love it.
the restaurant she chose wasn't (and never will be) a fave of mine
but the company more than made up for the lousy waiter
and the pricey dish i chose.
i usually head to goro's sushi (on mossrock, if you're in the 210)
the O Roll and the Stephanie are my faves...

i need to remember to do this more often.
being in the retail business, i very often stick to what is close to the hour for lunch leaves little wiggle room
if you want something other than
a McFatass. don't get me wrong.
i loved the golden arches when i lived in Oz.
but for some reason here in the U.S. i am not a fan.

the yoga dvd i mentioned in my last post can be found here.
although i picked mine up at barnes and noble a couple of years ago.
i am still loving it.
i love how it makes me feel so peaceful and powerful all at the same time.
i am thinking i may try julian's yoga DVD for more of an umph...
anyone try it yet? i'd love to know what you think!

more when there's more.
or when i feel like there's more
when there really isn't. : )

Saturday, June 26, 2010

on catching up.

since we've spoken last:
  • my boy has turned 18.
  • and graduated.
  • my girl has turned 14
  • i've panicked 84 thousand times
  • and gotten over it and gone through it
  • i've found the perfect yoga DVD
  • and have been re-united with a part of me i've missed
: ) more later. maybe. probably.