Saturday, June 26, 2010

on catching up.

since we've spoken last:
  • my boy has turned 18.
  • and graduated.
  • my girl has turned 14
  • i've panicked 84 thousand times
  • and gotten over it and gone through it
  • i've found the perfect yoga DVD
  • and have been re-united with a part of me i've missed
: ) more later. maybe. probably.


island jen said... glad to see you in this space again!! what yoga dvd did you find? i've just started doing yoga so i'm always on the look out for more.

p.s. i dunked my blackberry in the sink with the me your phone# so i can text you. i may be coming into town in a couple of months!

Mel~B said...

good to see you back!! I've missed catching up on what you've been up to! I CANNOT believe D is 18!! That just blows my mind!! I'm not looking forward to my girls turning 18 - hopefully I'll still have some say in what they do (but I doubt it).