Monday, February 4, 2008

not mine.

i'm not feelin it today peeps
so i should throw my pic up and find something
to do with this blah.

stevie is my brother
abi is my sister.
my kids aren't so brash to each other.
at least not to my knowledge. :)
katie: the last pic was straws.
i moved my hand at the
last minute.
i love mistakes like that.
365: uhm, yeah, immodium in the
vending machine.
that should've
been a clue
right there, huh??


Anonymous said...

i want that on a t-shirt!!! or on my tombstone, or on a pin, or pasted to my forehead (most days...lately)

minus the of course

Colleen said...

you gotta love a cup that asks you to recycle so politely